SC - Digital

Spectro-Chrome Digital is an innovative online service which aimes at facilitating the use of Spectro-Chrome Colors. Here you can study the effects of Spectro-Chrome Colors and find a clearly arranged overview of every color schedule (tonation1 plan) listed in the book ‘Let there be light’ by Darius Dinshah. The screen representation of colors in this section differs from ‘correct’ Spectro-Chrome Colors which is owed to a better color discriminability on a range of computer screen models.

Without registration, you have exemplary access to 8 color schedules (tonation plans). You can register free of charge to obtain access to every tonation plan included in the book. Moreover, registration enables you to subscribe to a free email newsletter.

If you use Spectro-Chrome Glasses, you can benefit from a special function:
Choose a tonation plan for a disease. Put on Spectro-Chrome Glasses matching the color displayed in the plan. Then click the figure or the colored sun symbol. Now you can carry out a treatment directly in front of the screen, as all other screen content is hidden except for the figure.
If there is a body area (zone) for tonation indicated in the plan, the figure’s area is highlighted in a corresponding color. If a tonation plan instructs you "to apply on affected area", the figure appears without color highlighting: it always placed in the center of the screen; and it serves as a visualization tool – simply keep mentally focused on relevant body zones by looking at the figure’s body areas. Once the treatment is completed, you can exit full-screen mode by pressing ‘ESC’.

Please note: the latest LED screen displays already feature a good color rendering and are therefore suited as large-scale white light sources. Whereas white is displayed satisfactorily, other colors are likely to differ from model to model. Thus, reproducibility without complex calibration is not given. For this reason, we decided to combine white light with well-defined Spectro-Chrome Glasses by which a higher color fidelity - in comparison to screen colors - is guaranteed.

Most computer screens flicker imperceptibly when dimmed. Change screen brightness to 100% for tonations with Spectro-Chrome Glasses. In case of doubt use a measuring device like LiMoTest solar in order to check your screen for light modulation.

Persons suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity should use Spectro-Chrome Glasses in combination with daylight or use light bulbs operated with DC electricity.


1 tonation – a specific Spectro-Chrome term by Dinshah P. Ghadiali, meaning a treatment session with Spectro-Chrome Colors